Dynamic Island-powered ‘Hit the Island’ game uses iPhone 14 Pro’s display cut-out as a paddle

The iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max’s first killer app has arrived โ€” sort of.

Playing off the style of classic games like Brick Breaker gold pongapp developer Kriss Smolka has come up with inventive use of the new ‘Dynamic Island’ display cut-out.

In Hit the Islandyour goal is to hit the Dynamic Island with a fast-moving ball bouncing around the screen by sliding your paddle.

As you hit the Island, you’ll score points, and the game becomes faster. More balls eventually appear, and the game’s paddles start shrinking, too.

Thought a simple concept, Hit the Island is surprisingly compelling and the first example of a title that uses the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island uniquely.

Hit the Island is available in the iOS App Store.

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Source: @ksmolka Via: MacRumors

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