Video: Brendan Fairclough Rides A Crazy Steep Rock Slab in a World’s First Descent

Sep 14, 2022

by Sarah Moore

(Riding at 11:15)

bigquotes Something completely different for you this week. Riding this insanely steep rock slab I spotted as I was driving back from the World Cup last month. As we found out, this thing is beyond what is possible to ride down. There was just not enough grip to ride it in a controlled manner.

I had such high hopes that we could climb it and get some of the most amazing drone and Go Pro clips but it just never happened. The weather was not on our side. We had fog and rain, the two worst possible conditions we could have come up against. Rain to make this insane slab one more slippery and fog to screw up all our amazing clips.

All thing aside, it was still such an amazing experience and adventure, no regrets at all. We still came out with a smile on our faces and some pretty good clips for the gram. haha.

Brendan Fairclough

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