Kasper Woolley out of Whistler EWS after Freak Pump Track Accident

Squamish local and Yeti EWS pro Kasper Woolley announced on social media that he won’t be racing in Whistler after colliding with another rider while at a pump track.

In his Instagram post, Woolley says, “a guy dropped in going the wrong direction and ran into me full speed in a corner,” and that his list of injuries includes a broken and dislocated jaw that’s now wired shut for the next four to six weeks. He also suffered a type 3 occipital condyle fracture, which refers to the articulation between the base of the skull and the cervical spine and sounds incredibly serious. This comes only a few months after his big crash on Stage 2 of the Tweed Valley EWS that resulted in a stable T6 vertebrae fracture, a fracture on the scapula, and a concussion.

Kasper is one of the most exciting young racers, as well as a Squamish local, and we’re hoping he makes a quick and full recovery.


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