7 Best iPhone Video Editing Apps in 2022

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Do you wish to edit videos on your iPhone at your convenience? We have something for you whether you’re a newbie or an experienced artist!

While Creative Bloq and Sandmarc listed some video editing tools, we’ve chosen our top iPhone video editing applications, which we highly recommend because of their practical features.

Look at them down below!

Filmmaker Pro

Despite having additional manual options that give you more control over how your video is recorded, this tool still offers simple video editing features. The most intriguing function offered by Filmmaker Pro is the convenience with which any green screen background may be changed with only a few taps. You may also change the white balance, saturation, and color gradient using this video editing software. This app has 30 filter and transition options, which is more than enough tools to keep you occupied for a while.

Get Filmmaker Pro on iOS


For people who wish to edit videos easily and quickly, this is the ideal video editing software. You get all the fundamental features you’d expect from a simple video editing program, including the ability to cut and combine videos, alter video speed, adjust volume, and reorder clips. Even though FilmoraGo lacks some of the more advanced features found in other apps on this list, it may help beginners in producing videos that look amazingly professional because of its themed filters and effects.

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Final Cut Pro

For MacOS users, there is an advanced video editing program called Final Cut Pro. For iPhone filmmakers who want to produce sophisticated projects with extra effects, this powerful tool is superb. Numerous features in Final Cut Pro elevate it to the status of a top-tier video editing app. Advanced audio editing, 360° VR editing, motion graphics, and advanced color editing are a few notable features.

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The original video editing tool created by Apple for IOS and MacOs users, iMovie offers the most fundamental video editing tools. By choosing the design template that best suits your video, you may use iMovie to add personalized logos, cast names, and credit roles. You can choose from eight different themes and ten filter options when using this software. A small selection of audio effects and music are also included with iMovie.

Get iMovie on iOS


This program enables you to record, edit, and export your video on your phone or tablet. Blending modes, chroma-keying, and audio mixing are some of the premium features. One of the greatest video editing tools for trimming clips and layers with frame-by-frame granularity is KineMaster, which is smooth and exact. You can upload text, photos, video with multiple layers (on supported devices), and audio with multiple tracks. Other capabilities include speed controls, color LUT filters, accurate volume envelope control, 3D transitions, quick edit previews, and chroma key compositing.

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Despite being limited to iOS, this app boasts the widest feature set of any video editing tool. LumaFusion, created by the Pinnacle Studio team, is primarily overkill for casual users. For new users, the learning curve would be frightening. However, the variety of strong features it has to offer will appeal to professional video editors. There are countless sharing and exporting choices once you’re through editing.

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There are many third-party programs available for editing your footage if you have a GoPro. Quik, the official GoPro app, is one of the best options, however. It focuses on two things in particular: enabling remote control of your GoPro camera and editing GoPro video.

Get Quik on iOS

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