Montreal snowfall brings slippery conditions, power outages

Montrealers can expect some slippery driving conditions Tuesday due to late-season snowfall bringing heavy, wet snow to the city.

According to Environment Canada, a major weather system from the east coast of the US is bringing 10 cm of snow to the Greater Montreal area, with temperatures hovering near freezing.

“Visibilities will be significantly reduced in heavy snow during the Tuesday morning rush hour,” the agency states. “Caution is advised as roads could quickly become slippery.”

As of 10:30 am, just over 38,000 homes in Quebec had no power.

The highest number of households without electricity is in the Montérégie, at 16,498.

Montreal spokesperson Philippe Sabourin notes snow in April is not unusual — in fact, around this time last year, the city received five centimeters of snow.

“Usually, we have between five and 10 centimeters in April, so we’re keeping a few trucks on the roads,” he told CTV News. “We also have enough workers, enough trucks, to add salt on the main streets.”

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Sabourin adds the priority right now is to make sure all the steep hills, such as Beaver Hall in downtown Montreal, are well salted.

“For residential areas, maybe it’s going to take more time,” he admitted. “If we have the time, [we will] complete the operation on residential areas before it melts down.”

For drivers who have already switched to their summer tires, Sabourin advises people to postpone any outings, if possible, or take public transit.

The snow is expected to turn to rain later in the day Tuesday, but winds are expected to pick up to 50 km/h.


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