A beginner’s guide to Elden Ring: What you need to know | Games

The attribute list can be a little daunting and confusing, depending on your experience. Here is a breakdown of what each attribute effects:

vigorous: Increase character health

Mind: Increases character’s magic/focus points (the blue bar)

Endurance: Increases character stamina. How much you can sprint or roll (the green bar). Also, how much your character can carry.

Strength: Increases weapon damage for strength-based weapons, like swords or axes. Also, more advanced weapons which require higher strength to wield.

Dexterity: Allows you to cast spells quicker, and increases damage for lighter weapons, like a dagger. Also, decreases character damage from falls.

Intelligence: Increases magic power and deflection. Also required to perform sorceries.

Faith: Damage multiplier for spells.

Arcane: Used for some sorceries and incantations. Also increases your ability to discover treasure from foes.

The last three can be a bit confusing until you find new spells. If you are ever in doubt what to upgrade, you can’t go wrong with vigor and strength.


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