Google Street View App Update, Waze Gets Apple Music

Google Street View App Update, Waze Gets Apple Music

Google’s Street View can take you back in time, just like the DeLorean. Picture: Google After 15 years, Google Street View has become the defacto destination for people trying to get a feel for where they’re going. If not for Street View, I would have spent countless days and nights wandering around foreign locales, wondering … Read more

Here’s the Last Selfie From the Fading InSight Mars Lander

NASA has shared the final self-portrait that will be taken by the InSight Mars lander, showing dust-caked solar panels that blend into the surrounding regolith. The InSight mission is expected to end this year, and the lander will need all of its remaining power to gather as much scientific data as possible. In a press … Read more

Wireless Power Will Be A Game-Changer For Green Energy

Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory believe that power beaming could be the next big thing in energy, capable of wirelessly powering devices and delivering electricity from miles away. Basic physics and recent advances in transmission and reception technologies could one day provide power without needing electricity grids—potentially reducing the need for fuel transportation … Read more

Pixel Watch’s Charging Cable From Same Company as Apple Watch’s

The Google Pixel Watch remains unreleased. But there’s plenty going on in the background about what to expect. Picture: Google While it’s not slated to work with the iPhone or iOS devices, this next bit of Google PixelWatch news is interesting if you’re hoping for a quality build akin to the Apple Watch. According to … Read more

Google Says ‘Predator’ Spyware Hit Chrome, Android Zero-Days

Photo: justin sullivan (Getty Images) A shady private surveillance company sold access to nearly half a dozen powerful security flaws in Chrome and Android last year to government-affiliated hackersGoogle revealed Monday. Cytroxa secretive firm based in North Macedonia, allegedly sold access to four zero-day security flaws in the Chrome browser as well as one in … Read more

Steam Deck Easy To Mod And Repair, And Fans Have Taken Notice

As reported by The Verge over the weekend, the legendary repair advocates over at plan to offer essentially every part of the Steam Deck for sale, including the motherboard with its custom AMD chip. While word of this was undoubtedly exciting for Steam Deck fans, iFixit took to Twitter to state that the news … Read more

Former Xbox Exec Admits Game Pass Makes Him ‘Nervous’

Picture: Xbox / Microsoft Ed Fries, the form Microsoft vice president of game publishing who launched the original Xbox, recently appeared on a podcast where he discussed some concerns he has regarding Xbox Game Pass. Fries said that he’s “scared” that the service could lead to a future in which folks stop buying games, opting … Read more

EBay enters NFT business, with assist from hockey icon Wayne Gretzky

The headquarters of eBay in San Jose, California. Getty Images EBay is getting into NFTs — with an assist from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. The company announced Monday that it’s launching 13 limited-edition digital collectibles in partnership with Web3 platform OneOf, each of which contains a 3-D animated rendering of Gretzky making one of his … Read more

10 Pics of Google’s New Eco-Friendly Silicon Valley Campus

Office buildings in Silicon Valley tend to make other office buildings look surprisingly small and shabby. Now, while there are few people that will say they got FOMO over an office, there is no doubt that Google’s newest campus in Mountain View, California is mighty nice and neat, even as office work itself remains up … Read more